Bridget Duvall Kennedy

I have interviewed a cornucopia of celebrities, philanthropists, and dignitaries all over the world and been told, I possess a Never say Never attitude. In fact it all began when I ran into Celebrity photographer Richard Young in South Kensington and boldly asked if I could join him when he got up close and personal at publicity events with movie stars, singers, painters and politicians capturing the magic moments in a photographic splendor. He said yes. Much fun and quite a few spread sheets later, his reference landed me a job at the British Press Association which was short lived as I craved foreign affairs. Following advice to think twice about this dream by war journalist Don McCullin, after he pointed to the bullet lodged in his Nikon, I decided he was right and stuck closer to home. Pulling off a journalism degree instead, I went on to write features for The Daily Telegraph and Mail. Then moved to New York before love brought me down to Miami. Making up part of the internal team of the popular Ocean Drive Magazine. Every day, I encountered all aspects of a hedonistic society and did not want to get cornered into sensationalism, so I extend my writing engagements to a travel section at a luxury lifestyle magazine. Looked upon by the publication owners as categorically different because I wrote and took my own photos, they took shine to me and provided me 8 pages for my world travels. So, I said goodbye to my Socially Seen pages and planned an exhibition entitled “A Journey Through Cairo.” with them.

Life then dramatically switched course again, at a follow up photo exhibit, this time on Morocco when I met the wife of the late Robin Gibb and accepted an offer to become the family’s official photographer in England. Enthusiastically chronicling her legendary husband, Robin Gibb’s life as a former Bee Gee going solo, I attended all his public and private engagements for the next few years. Documenting the many aspects of the pop legends life, of special appearances sessions  at Air Studios , speeches at fundraisers and presenting awards , as in the case of  John Travolta at the Berlin Camera Awards and Andre Bocelli at the World Music Awards, Monaco .Engaging with the who’s who of music, I easily obtained credentials to cover the much talked about, Live 8 in 2004. Getty Pictures picked up my front row and backstage shots, published them and archived them as history and I returned to photo agency work. Exhilarated by performance photography and the energy of the stage. I was encouraged to suggest events to cover and fell upon the Tutankhamen show in London in 2007 through a good friend Neo pop artist Romero Britto. This is where I met and interviewed the royal family of Egypt, the Mubarak’s, along with famed Archaeologist Dr Zaid Hawass and was ready to go back to magazine work.

In 2008 I tried to take a lifestyle magazine to the top of its game in Miami however non committed  staff were reluctant to go the extra yard and adhere to grueling deadlines, network at night  and grab opportunities of guest writers from L.A. London and New York. Directing fashion shoots, organizing promotional events, and garnering the interest of Casa Casuarina to invest in the magazine Collins Avenue. The owner decided to hire me instead, but not as a magazine writer or editor, but run his hotel and home, the former Versace Mansion. A blessing in disguise this gave me the opportunity to work with phenomenally successful Quintessentially luxury Concierge company owned by Ben Elliot who had a desk behind me.

Pushing the boundaries at the house to stage charity, polo, and art private events together, as well as sit down dinners, I started to feel the urge again to to write. Timely intervention or fate? The mansion closed for a while and was put up for sale. Happy as the house had started to resemble the Playboy mansion, I was fortuitously contacted by an internationally recognized gallery known as Wally Findlay, that Id met during Art Basel , to create an oversize memoir on their colorful Chilean artist Gustavo Novoa. The biography debuted as a coffee table book and I happily agreed to embark on a book tour with the artist to Buenos Aires, Palm Beach, and the Hamptons. Consequently, I learnt a considerable amount on publishing, books and what style of writing makes people tick. Deciding it was now or never for me to go solo in the book business, I created a series of bespoke luxury travel books and hosted exclusive events in top venues. Then after my last VIP book signing soiree at my former workplace and the former Gianni Versace Mansion, I believed strongly that I had come full circle, standing where I had first met Versace and his sister Donatella  in the 90’s and the book contained brighter days at the house.

With all these experiences and coincidences, feeling like six degrees of separation, I considered a year travelling the world to start a curated high-end travel business.  Unforeseeably locked in visiting my mother , these travels and explorations  did  not go to waste ; as  now was the perfect time to create my own magazine that could offer superlative insight into the awe-inspiring lives of extraordinary people and reveal extraordinary places I had dived into head first with five star treatment from home. So why call it Power?  Let us just say Power is enabling, it makes things possible and permissible. Power, also,  describes the effect legends and extraordinary people have on the world and how they overcome challenges, kept to their beliefs, dig a little deeper than others dream too and shape the world and out times that we see in front of us now. Never a collection of monotonous paraphrases thrown on a page taken from a press release.  I did not study journalism, cultures and meet thousands of people for nothing, so we will plunge headfirst to discover the motivation behind the wonderful worlds of Etiquette, Conservation, Design, Rare finds, dream creations and unforgettable hotels. With at least one article, out of the monthly ten, speaking to you. Indulge yourself from your laptop, PC or iPad and journey with me to experience the finer things, spiritually minded individuals, heroes, pioneers, nobility, experts, and famous faces. Tell others that we need to speak out and be aware of brilliant things, before they are unrecognizable or gone forever. Follow me and other top writers in the journey of a lifetime, we’ll find hard to leave.